Confessions of a stage mom

I want to be a stage mom. I admit it. Not quite to Toddlers and Tiaras status, but almost. The thought of cheering on my ballerina while she dances across the stage is thrilling to me. And the truth is, I could push my daughter to continue in ballet and she would be fabulous. She started in the school when she was 2 and was one of the few girls on stage that took her job seriously. That girl concentrates on the positions and flows across the floor. Alas, this year my little firecracker came to me and told me that she was bored with ballet…she wants to enroll in hip hop classes. My best friend said, “No! She has such beautiful lines!” I just have to laugh at my little Gemini because I understand. I was terrifically bored with ballet too, although I longed to be good at it, and went toward styles where I could give more attitude and personality. Lord help me if this little girl turns out to be like me. I may have to research boarding schools. Even though my internal drive wants to force her into something that she has natural talent, the realistic parent in me knows that she’s 4. She could eat dirt and I’d think it was adorable. I have remind myself that there are years of new loves and adventures ahead of us and to just enjoy the ride.

9 thoughts on “Confessions of a stage mom

  1. Sarah Bradford says:

    Those photos are too cute. And I think it’s cute she wants to hip hop. And who knows she may want to go back to Ballet when she gets older. I am the same way. My hubby swears I will put Owen into Dance.

  2. adrian hitt says:

    oh my goodness – these are just too adorable! can’t wait to see her hip hop photos 🙂 kudos to you for being a good mother.


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