Family Friday…errr…Monday post!

This weekend, I was trying to schnooker the bride’s sister into taking a picture with her husband. She hesitated and asked how many pictures I actually had with my husband. To which I giggled and said: “Ummmmm….a lot”
That poor man has been putting up with my, “wait wait wait, let’s take a picture” for years now. Originally, it started as a way to document our life for the kids to see when they were older. Now it’s evolved into trying to capture our love, our connection, our ridiculous personalities…regardless of what the kids think. We’ve had multiple professional sessions together but most of the time it’s just us and our trusty self portraits (or whenever we can schmooze a stranger or friend into snapping one for us). I don’t think you can ever really have too many pictures with your love.

Images from two different weddings coming soon! Look for them this week!

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