Family Friday – Hold Me

I haven’t done a Family Friday post in quite a while so I thought I’d throw this one in for you to munch on.

I consider myself a brave person. Well not so much brave as a terrified kid, then I eventually work up the nerve and portray myself as being brave the entire time. This has really shown itself true in the past few days here in the Crafton household…but let me back up.
I’ve been pursuing photography since I was extremely young. When I was 13 I got my first professional film model after stealing my dad’s camera for years. I worked on yearbook, then shot a wedding at 18 and then dove in to photography full time years later. So imagery is all I’ve really been good at. Honestly. Lately I’d felt the “pull” to do something else. I had no idea what that was but I really didn’t feel like I was where I was “supposed” to be. I still intend to be a photographer but there is something else…
I use all of these quotes because I’m uncomfortable talking about faith. I believe in God, as does my husband, but we also give credit to other religions and don’t want to force our beliefs down the throats of others. However, I’ve been praying a lot lately compared to normal. Typically I pray for those friends/family members that need it, for God to watch over my children and thanking Him for the amazing life that we have. It’s not a conversation where I ask for a lot and expect God to deliver on that. The past few weeks I’ve felt drawn to ask God to place me where he wants me, so that I can be of the most use in this life. So I prayed that I would be happy to do whatever He wanted, just to lead me. I’ve heard about people discovering God’s voice or seeing a vision but that wasn’t what happened. A million things went wrong on this last trip that got my attention and then I received an answer (push to follow an idea, really) that I didn’t expect, or want. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had been praying for the same thing, felt led toward an answer and was wrestling with it himself. We don’t normally have in depth talks about religion together but when Rev began talking to me about what he felt that we were being asked to do, I balked. Not on the Crafton agenda, thankyouverymuch. Even though I felt the same way it scared me to hear it from him as well.
So we’re taking the time to research and begin this possible new project. I hate being vague but I also want to put some background work into this before I start spouting off about it. All of this post to say, even if you’re scared of taking a giant leap…do it. I may fall flat on my face doing this but I will fake confidence until that fear is replaced by actual bravery. I’m going to follow the words that stare at me every day from a canvas in my home because, as my dear friend Robyn said, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

PS: If you’ve ever felt that higher powers moved you to do something specific in your life…I mean REALLY moved you…I’d love for you to email and tell me about it ( Because, clearly, this is all new to me. lol

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