Family Friday – The perfect picture

I know a lot of moms/dads that get caught up on getting the “perfect” picture of their children. It’s interesting to see them at the parks yelling, “Look over HERE! LOOK!” , while the child scowls angrily at having to stop their playtime for the camera. My father was (and is) a photographer but was never intrusive outside of the occasional picture on the holidays, so I learned to love the camera when it was around. With that in mind, I cut our beach pictures short (which KILLED me since it was their first time there) and only made the kids hang out with me shooting for 5 minutes. I could tell they were already annoyed with me when I wanted them to smile blissfully at the camera. They looked everywhere other than at me.

Scratch that, let’s try something else. “Hey big man, think you can pick up and carry your sister?”

They giggled their way through the five minute session with no “put the camera way, mom!” in sight. Hey, if they’re enjoying themselves then THAT is the perfect picture in my mind.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Family Friday – The perfect picture

  1. Randy says:

    I love these pictures!! They’re beautiful and will serve as a great reminder for the kids of their time in Florida (were they had a soo much fun)

    Great work! (as usual)

  2. Onna says:

    Just beautiful!
    I love that way you see through the camera. Those kiddos *swoon*

    They are so lucky to have you as their mom!


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