For clients – please read

Quick announcement for past and future clients…

As of December 2013 I will be taking a break from weddings. We’ve prayed a lot about this decision and, to be honest, I’m not sure where this break from photography will lead me. I don’t really have a game plan. Which is scary…and kind of awesome…

If you are a past client, PLEASE make a copy of your files. If you haven’t done so (and happen to have lost prints or CD’s) then you can purchase additional copies up until December 30, 2013. After that time I’ll be going through and removing galleries. I will be shooting weddings up until March so if you have a last minute wedding between now and then I’d be happy to talk with you about shooting it!

From back in the beginning when I was still shooting weddings on film to my clients with the studio…to clients all the way up until now…THANK YOU. I’ve worked my way into your homes and I’ve loved seeing your kids grow up and your lives being joined in marriage. I may go back to photography in a few years after I’ve had some time off and am able to relax a bit. I’ll still be shooting for dear friends and family members for free but not taking on any more regular clients. For close friends and family members, please don’t hesitate to ask because I will always photograph important events for you. This has always been my gift to you. I’m terrible at remembering birthdays or sending mail on time or even getting baby gifts to you before your kid is 2 but I DO love to photograph your families.

If you have any questions about the changes, feel free to email me at Thanks everyone! Love to you!

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