Erin & Mike – Franklin, TN Wedding

I can’t wait for my wedding season to officially start next week! I adore “smoochy” newborns (as my friend Jonathon would say) and families but couples will always be my favorite subjects. There’s so much anticipation on a wedding day, plus emotion between couples during sessions, and that fuels my love of photography. Mike & Erin were previous clients who had a quiet, calm peace that resonated with Randy and I. They also allowed a lot of time to shoot prior to the wedding, which led to a relaxing atmosphere for their big day!

Erin’s dad’s face after giving away his little girl…

Have a beautiful week everyone!

1 thought on “Erin & Mike – Franklin, TN Wedding

  1. Onna says:

    The one in the street… LOVE IT!
    Heck, love them all. Wonderful shots as always!


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