Is it fall yet?

The past 8 weeks I’ve been struggling with what the doctors diagnosed as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). Imagine the worst case of food poisoning that you’ve ever had…now imagine that it lasts for 20 weeks straight, or possibly 40. I can’t say that this is a pleasant pregnancy, I hoped to avoid HG this time, but the outcome is worth all of the struggles. Randy (I should start calling him “The Saint” instead of TGR) has taken over control of our house, including care of our kids and care of me as well. My work has come to a complete standstill because I’ve only left the house a handful of times since July. This is a huge struggle for me because I love my job, clients and the socialization that comes with it. Thankfully, I’ve basically missed out on the hottest summer EVER and pray to be feeling more like myself come October. Fall is my favorite time of year, especially in Tennessee, and I’m so excited to enjoy it with *hopefully* a clear mind and a healthy body. With as sick and dehydrated as I am right now, THAT is what I’m looking forward to.
I didn’t miss it!
Little blessings are everywhere.

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend! Much love from the couch at the Crafton house!

4 thoughts on “Is it fall yet?

  1. Courtney Davis says:

    Kate-Bless your heart:( Sorry you are having such a time with the pregnancy. I pray you feel better and are able to enjoy it without all the emesis. Hope you begin to feel much, much better in the weeks to come. Blessings to you, your family and the new addition:)

  2. Heather Thompson says:


    I had HG with Liv, was in and out of the hospital with her and was 3lbs under pre-pregnancy weight when I had her, and she was 9lbs 6oz! The only thing that helped me was Pepcid AC. My doctor was about to give me a medicine pump and a piccline until I delivered when he mentioned the Pepcid as a last try. It didn’t make it go away completely, but it kept me from being sick 20+ times a day and I managed to gain back 17 or the 19lbs I lost. I hope you don’t have it the whole time like I did, its rough. Take care hun and I hope you find something that works for you.

  3. Laurie H says:

    Can. Not. Wait!!! for fall. SO excited, even though our summer doesn’t really end until actual Halloween. We sweated our way through the pumpkin patch last year… but just the sight of pumpkins is worth it!


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