It’s the small things…

My husband has always been the technically obsessed dork in the family (and I say that in loving way, I couldn’t survive business wise without his mad skills) but this week I fell in love with an obscure little invention called the iPhone. Never heard of it you say? 😉 I know, I know…I’m the last person on earth to get one but I really didn’t think I *needed* something with that many options, bells and whistles. How wrong I was. I can’t wait to play with it this year during my travels!
My favorite app is the Hipstamatic that turns my boring iphone pictures into prints that look like my Holga images. Seriously fun. It’s the small things that amuse me.

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

2 thoughts on “It’s the small things…

  1. Onna says:

    I so want the iPhone,so no you aren’t the last one on Earth to get one. I am lol

    LOVE the images. Of course Kate Crafton can take SUPER iPhone photos. You rock!


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