More than you’ve ever wanted to know

The past few years I’ve separated my personal life from my professional one, only making random posts about my kids and husband. What I found was that clients knew my work but barely knew who I was. So on the new blog you’re going to have to put up with my kid-isms and little bits of my daily life. Most Fridays will be a free-for-all of whatever my random mind comes up with. Be afraid.
The former category label (“Shut up about the…”) name actually came from my dear friend Anna, who was in town for Imaging USA in January. I was frantically getting ready for our Beloved Session (with Jesh) and in the midst of the flying hair and clothes, I realized my wallet was missing. Really? Now? Of all times to lose it?!?!??  The money/ID was nowhere to be found and I was slightly obsessing about where it had gone.  As Randy, Anna and I walked to the elevator, I launched into another round of “Where IS it?!?!? Where in the WORLD did I put it?!?!” and Anna cut her eyes at me and firmly said:

“SHUT UP about the wallet.”

Randy’s eyes were about to pop out of his head as he waited for my reaction.  I burst out laughing….I love my Anna.  Sometimes people just really don’t want to hear what you want to say.  For those of you who would love me to shut up about “my kids did THIS!” items, feel free to skip the family Friday “Craftonia” posts and come back for the visual pretties!
And for those that DO want to hear about my life behind the camera….

Welcome to my family.

14 thoughts on “More than you’ve ever wanted to know

  1. Melani says:

    I want to hear all about your family!!! Miss you lots! 🙂

  2. michelle@everydaycelebrating says:

    I love love love me some Anna too! And.. I love that you’re going to be adding family to the blog. I’ll be stalking. Also, I’m in need of some freaking headshots soon. May be getting in touch if I can get my act together.

  3. kate says:

    Love to you ladies. Thanks for the sweet words!

    Stacie, yes! It was….wait for it…in my jacket at home. lol

  4. Anna says:

    Yes, Stacie! She did. And haaa, I did, Heather. I totally did. As Randy and I have affirmed that we’re too alike that it’s skeery, he looked at me and Kate and then said, “SHE gets to say that, and I don’t!” Har. It certainly wasn’t that I didn’t want to listen to what Kate had to say. It’s that I knew she needed to concentrate on the amazing session that was about to happen. I often need people to take me by the shoulders, too! Kate, I adore you. 🙂 I’m totally honored to be a part of your blog’s backbone. And you know I could never, ever, ever get enough of your kids.

  5. Stacie says:

    Kate, I love the new blog, but the worrier in me wants to hear… Did you find your wallet?!? But, really, congrats on the new direction!

  6. Kristin Kaplan says:

    Love the new blog Kate! And don’t worry I love reading about your cute kiddos so bring it on!! 🙂

  7. Heather Cicione says:

    OH NO SHE DIDN’T!! HAAHAA! True friends are those who can and will say ANYTHING we need to hear.
    I LOVE your new blog (did I ever say how LUCKY you are to have a technically ‘cool’ husband).
    I love looking into your life, I admire it and love how you treat it.

  8. katey says:

    har. i love me some anna too.

    <3 and i love your family. i'll be looking forward to your friday posts. so loving the direction you're going with all of this.

  9. Em Humphries says:

    LOVE the new blog!! Love the inside look at your precious kiddos as well. You’re so funny and fabulous so the more we get to know you the better and more blessed we are!! =)

  10. MixMingleGlow says:

    LOVE the blog! SO FAB! Also, I have just had this epiphany myself ~ that keeping my personal life out of my blog has kept people from REEEALLY getting to know the real me. A friend actually mentioned it to me and I have been stirring it around in my head. Not having any desire to be labeled as a Mommy Blogger (no offense to them, it’s just not “me”), I have steered clear of personal photos and stories as well. Surprisingly, I get the most feedback, comments, emails on the rare occasion when I do. I love your Friday idea. I’ll be back for more, cuz who wouldn’t love a Crafton Kid story/photo? 🙂
    Happy Weekend friend!

  11. Onna says:

    LOVE that Fridays are a free-for-all! I’m excited to see what you post here.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. MOST GORGEOUS KIDDOS EVER! And you two aren’t half bad either 😉
    Happy Friday!

  12. Amber says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Love the new blog. Love the new direction. You’re more than just pretty pictures of other people…. 🙂


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