Moving on…

Oh today’s family post. I had so many thoughts that I was going to talk about but some aren’t exactly lovely things to discuss on a photography blog. To put it in generic terms, we were dealt a surprise blow yesterday when it came to our fertility treatments with “Operation New Crafton”. I stressed about it…had a good cry…and tried to move on. I put my trust in the idea that the higher powers have a plan for us. While I’m having a mopey day, I’ll just post an image of my babies during a carpet picnic/movie night. The little moments in life, like this, bring me so much joy.

I’ll get my fix of baby snuggles in later today when I visit my dear friends, Mel & Sean in the hospital. If you get the chance, pop by their blog and tell them congrats on their healthy (and I’m sure adorable) baby boy!!!

3 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. kate says:

    Thanks Kate! The photographers in this area are amazing, aren’t they? Booo that they’re not the same where you are. Just come and visit more! 😉

    Anna, love you. Yes, honestly it is bittersweet but I’m so, so thrilled for them!

  2. Anna says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I seriously started crying when I saw Mel & Sean’s baby. For all the reasons you expect and many of the reasons that I’m sure it’s bittersweet for you, too. Love you, girl.

  3. Kate Whitmore says:

    (1) I love the sweet posts about your family. All the “Shut up about the…”? It makes me happy.
    (2) Keeping you & Randy in my prayers!
    (3) Even though I didn’t get much time to hang out with Nashville photographers before I left, I miss all of you like WHOA! It is just not the same here.


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