Nashville Lifestyle Photography

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a dual birthday treat for Brian & Kristin Kaplan. The lovely thing about shooting other photographers is the willingness to go pretty much anywhere…even if it means climbing under semi trailers, breaking into a cemetery and generally wandering until I exclaim “Ohhh! Over there!”

Hypothetically if a certain photographer were to “accidentally” shoot down a wife’s shirt and then tell the husband “That’s for you. Happy Birthday!” this might be the hypothetical reaction. 😉

Lots of love and sweet bday wishes you two! (even if you did ingest a candle while eating the cupcakes)

13 thoughts on “Nashville Lifestyle Photography

  1. Brian says:

    I cant thank you enough Kate, you are ridiculous and I am jealous of your insanely amazing talent. Thank you thank you and oh Mingo says thanks too, he was a benevolent man.

  2. Kristin Kaplan says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! LOVE them! You are so crazy talented and it was so fun to spend a couple hours with you this weekend!


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