Off we go…Family Friday

Here’s hoping you all had a beautiful week! The gang and I just returned from roughing it in the wilderness (ummm, climate controlled cabin, that is) and enjoyed all Fall Creek Falls has to offer. No phone, computers, internet, 3G….nada…just beautiful scenery and some quality family time!
(Side note, please make sure to add us on Facebook for times when we will be out of the office or unavailable for contact.)

Vacation is made for morning meditation (and coffee) on the porch, afternoon naps and making Halloween cookies while dad jogs through the woods.

As if I didn’t have a hard enough time getting the kids to smile for a picture. 😉

6 thoughts on “Off we go…Family Friday

  1. adrian hitt says:

    i love it! brian and i did a similar thing for vacation this year and it was wonderful. i’m trying to incorporate more of the meditation, tea on the porch and afternoon naps into my normal life! 🙂

  2. Jenna says:

    You look AMAZING!!!! and I sooo love that sweater.. is it Old Navy? I have been eyeing one over there!

  3. Jen says:

    You are so freaking gorgeous. This pregnancy thing looks good on you!

    Love the photos, love love love the green sweater and love the knit hats on your fam.

    Congratulations again to you and your fam!

  4. Onna says:

    Looks like a ton of fun. You look fabulous, Mama. What a beautiful baby bump.
    hope you are feeling as good as you look 🙂


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