Rainy day wedding

I know clients want to have an amazing, sun-soaked wedding day. 70 degrees, clear sky and Pinterest-y perfection. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter and you can have beautiful images in any weather. Kristen’s day took place in a dimly lit church & reception hall and it rained the entire day. Downpoured. Her brother in law had to run out that morning to grab rain boots for her. In the few minutes that we had without monsoon weather we ran outside for a few shots under the umbrellas. Check out the joy on the faces of Kristen and Todd in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. I hope other couples take note that it’s not “perfect” conditions that make your wedding day…it’s the love that you find in each other. KG & TG, thanks so much for flying me up to Milwaukee for your big day. Love you guys!

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