Starbucks and Bacon – Nashville Wedding

I met Laurie when our babes were barely a year old. She a was fun, sassy, brave and honest friend who would be there immediately if I ever needed help. I can’t tell you how many times she would drive straight from work and watch my kids so I could network at photographer meetings or have a date with my husband. When she found the man of her dreams I offered to shoot the wedding (I do this with all of my friends) and she refused and wanted me to stand with her and be a bridesmaid. This was a serious thrill for me because I’ve always shot weddings for my friends and never been able to watch from the alter. The first thing I did was send Laurie a list of the photographers in the area that I knew well and trusted. She ended up choosing Jim & Ilde Cook (which, if you’re in Nashville you should check them out!!!!) who are fabulous photographers so I was able to relax and know my friend was in good hands. If you want to see more of their wedding images, check out Jim & Ilde’s Facebook page but here are a few (and note, FEW…I really enjoyed the day without shooting too much!) behind the scenes images of my time hanging out with the beautiful bride.

Love you so much Laurie. Sam is a lucky man.

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