The Birthday Project – Help!

I need your help super sleuths. Right before my birthday I’m going to be doing 33 acts of kindness, which is part of The Birthday Project (started by my dear friend, Robyn). ONE of those acts is something I need your help on, so I have to start searching early. A few years ago Randy purchased an antique camera and inside we found film that hadn’t been developed. What we unearthed, when we got them developed this week, were some great family photos from years past. If I was the former owner of this camera I would want these family memories. So who is an amazing researcher and can help me locate this family, or their children, so I can deliver their images back to them?

What I can tell from the images:
~The car they’re standing next to in the picture is an Oldsmobile with (maybe Maryland, too grainy to make out) license plate # BZ-9777
~In one of the images you can see the New Jersey Steel Pier sign in the background
~And the house number is 39.
~Looks like a lot of folks are saying that one of the vacation pictures looks like Hearst Castle in California
~The car is possibly 1964 Jet Star 88 or a 64/65 Cutlass F85.
~From a license plate historian/collector: “There’s no question that’s a 1968 expiration Maryland license plate. The state name is at the bottom of the plate, and the top reads “EXP-3-31-68”. That’s the expiration date. This plate was valid for 13 months, from March 1, 1967 to March 31, 1968. Based on the clothing the people are wearing, I’d say the photos that include the car have to be from the summer of 1967″
~In the background of the Steel Pier picture there is a sign for Aquarama, which was also owned by the Hamids. It was demolished in Philly in 1969.
~The Brownie camera that the film was with was only produced from 1960-1967

I know it’s not a lot to work with but if you had some images that you’ve never seen of your parents/grandparents…wouldn’t you want them back? Here’s just a few from the roll. Share this post with your friends/neighbors, especially if you’re in the New England area (where it looks like a good number of images were taken, the rest look like vacation pictures in a warmer climate) and help me find them!

You can also email me at katecrafton(at) if you don’t want to post in the comment section below. I lost a camera that had pictures of my babes years ago (and never recovered it) so this is near and dear to my heart. Thank you SO MUCH!
Update: Here’s a close up of the plate for those that have emailed me to ask. Grainy, but probably our best clue.

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