Another Friday… Saturday Family post (next Friday I’ll be back home, without limited upload speed)! This time just a simple quote that one of my dear friends sent to me, about wonder, and a few images from the Kids Rock The Block Party at Rosemary Beach.

“Do you allow yourself to feel wonder about the amazing things the universe has to offer? Children do it with no problem. A cloud becomes a giraffe; a bug is diligently followed with incredible intensity; an ice cream cone is an exercise in sheer delight. Don’t allow life to take away those magical feelings because you’re too busy or stressed out. It’s what makes life worthwhile!” ~ Loretta LaRoche

7 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Onna says:

    Looks like you guys are having a blast! I <3 the beach and need sand between my toes terribly! I can live vicariously through you guys at least!

    Great pics!


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